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We're addressing the need for protected retirement income — And we’re focused on providing our clients with simple, transparent retirement planning.

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Forward thinking retirement's biggest financial concerns; We think much differently about managing risk to better protect you and your family.

Mark Recny, Principal Advisor

“We’ve set out to change the idea that retirement planning is inaccessible, too expensive and too complicated. And while most people have short and long-term goals, either in their heads or on paper — We help capture those ideas and create a custom plan to achieve them. It’s that simple.”

Business Owners


As a trusted partner, we work with you to design an executive benefits plan that's best suited for your business needs.

Investing Outcomes

Solutions that last as long as you do.

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Succession Planning

Farm & Estate Planning

We’re helping farmers all across America preserve their land and businesses through estate and succession planning designed exclusively for farmers.

Group Benefits

Employee Benefits

Forward thinking retirement's biggest financial concerns; we think differently about managing risk to better protect you.

Living Benefits

Life Insurance,
an Investment.

Forward thinking retirement's biggest financial concerns; we think differently about managing risk to better protect you.

Medicare Supplements

2019 Medicare
Plan Changes

Medicare Supplement Insurance helps pay some of the health care costs that Medicare doesn't cover, like: copays, coinsurance & deductibles.

Built for Your Benefit

A smarter approach to holistic financial planning.

How you plan your finances in retirement is just as important as your journey of saving for retirement.

It’s important to understand the options available to help protect the assets you’ve spent a lifetime accumulating.

Planning for Specific Outcomes

Just don't lose the money.

We rescue retirements by doing what many financial experts are unwilling to do — Pay attention, be careful and pick the tools that maximize the upside of the markets while eliminating market risk to principal, and being very uncomfortable with the possibility of seeing our clients take any losses.

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Retire Smarter is a leading retirement planner. Our founding mission was to start a company that thinks differently about managing risk to better protect our clients and their families, and it's still at our core today. No matter what your goals are, at Retire Smarter, we are invested in your financial well-being.

It’s the #1 question we get asked the most; at educational seminars we host, and one-on-one interviews with families like yours all across America — And when we meet, we’ll answer this question and more — We’ll share the top 4 most valuable lessons we've learned for making your wealth last as long as you do.

We’ve all been taught to Buy and Hold — So we explored who benefits from it the most.

Each year, the SPIVA® U.S. Scorecard reports on how large-cap managers, mid-cap managers, and small-cap managers perform or underperformed when measured against a benchmark index, say the S&P 500®, the S&P MidCap 400®, and the S&P SmallCap 600®, respectively.

And the figures are equally unfavorable when viewed over longer-term investment horizons with managers lagging their respective benchmarks. While the on-going argument of active vs. passive investing, the numbers in play don’t lie. You may be paying your money manager to under-perform the market, and we can help.

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