Retire Smarter’s launch as an independent retirement planning firm combines business, finance and retirement planning expertise. Our new product developments are client focused.
Why you need an estate plan – even if you don’t have an estate.    
We’ve all been taught to Buy-Hold — So we explored who benefits from it the most. The mutual fund buy-hold industry is the world’s largest skimming operation, a $7 trillion trough from which fund managers, and brokers are steadily siphoning off an excessive slice of our nation’s household, college and retirement savings. During 2016, the
Retirement Income – when a 6% withdrawal rate is better than a 6% gain
Understanding variable annuity fees – and its lasting impact on your retirement savings.

Small ideas change everything.

Retire Smarter rescues retirements by doing what very few financial advisors are willing to do – Be careful, pick the tools that maximize the upside of the markets, while absolutely eliminating market risk to principal, and being very uncomfortable with the possibility of seeing our clients take any losses. We were born from the idea

Investment Strategies

Welcome to Retire Smarter. Retire Smarter provides innovative marketing solutions to advisors through investment strategies, income planning and final expense and insights to help meet the diverse needs of our clients. We were born from the idea that a new era needed a new way to provide professional retirement planning. Learn how our proven strategies