Annuities are financial products that guarantee a steady
stream of retirement income. They offer tax-deferred growth potential while you’re saving for retirement, and dependable income after you retire – in some cases, income for life.

Accumulation potential.

Some annuities have the potential to earn interest or credits based on the growth of an external index (we call this “indexed interest”). You can choose from one or more external indexes and crediting methods, depending on your financial goals. Other types of annuities offer growth potential through variable investment options.

Tax-deferred growth.

You don’t have to pay income taxes on the earnings in your contract until you take money out of your annuity. Tax deferral may help the money in your annuity compound over time, for even greater accumulation potential.

Level of protection.

Annuities can help protect the money you place in your contract (the “principal”). Some annuities protect all of your principal from market downturns, while others offer greater potential in exchange for some market risk, including the risk of losing principal.

Retirement income.

After a period of time specified by your contract, annuities provide guaranteed retirement income. Some annuities let you choose from a variety of income options – and some even offer the opportunity for income increases in retirement. These options may either be built in to the contract or optional and available for an additional cost.

Annuities are flexible products and, depending
on the type, can meet needs for protected
lifetime income, growth and downside protection.

Choose an annuity option.

When it comes to your income in retirement, the appeal of predictable, sure and
steady may be just right. By adding a fixed annuity to your retirement plan, you can help protect your savings, then enjoy a predictable source of income for life.

In addition to a guaranteed fixed interest rate, your account has the potential to
be credited with positive index performance. Your account will never be credited less
than 0% — Even in a down market. So, your hard-earned savings is protected.

Variable annuities give you the opportunity to grow your future income
while also offering options (for an additional cost) to help protect against
market downturns and enjoy protected monthly income for life.

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Learn more about different types of annuities and their trade-offs in Annuities in Retirement, so you can decide if this is the best way to turn your assets into income. This guide is one way Retire Smarter can help you build a portfolio that works for you.

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